Hear from experts and learn different treatments and techniques.

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Hair Loss

Learn what works and what does not by the professionals

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The Full Cup

Educating women on the benefits of wearing the proper fitting bra and how to acknowledge & take care of their breast.

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CBD can provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, 

depression and many other conditions


Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits

Sensual Woman

Your Senses, Your inner self, and Your Seductress Spirit


Speaker Sohaila Handelsman

Creating Mind Experiences® or ME’s. 


Food Experts discuss the best foods for anti-inflammatory

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are from plants with tremendous healing properties. Learn about the different oils.

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Skin Care

The largest living organ. How to maintain it.

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MakeUP Tricks

Learn to contour - Bring your makeup kit for this interaction makeup workshop

Toxic Cleaning Products

W learned baby powder caused cancer, learn about other products you use in everyday life may also cause health issues

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