Beauty and Holistic Seminars

October 6th 2019

First Seminar Starts @ 10am

Marina Village Conference Center

1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Stacey Ellen is the founder of Awaken The Leader Within and trains entrepreneurs and business owners to master heart-centered leadership, creating financial wealth and living abundant lives.  She believes that as you heal and master yourself, your inner light shines brighter and ripples out to help heal the planet.  In her talk, she will give 3 simple ways to create more money and abundance using your inner power!  Stacey is a Certified Success Coach, Reiki Master, and Author.  She speaks on stages worldwide and helps people create their own personal recipe for success in business and personal achievements. Stacey's clients fully awaken to their power to create multiple 6-figure businesses and attract more opportunities in all areas of life.

Prosperity Amplified

Stacey Ellen

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Hear Christina's story of self-healing--a single mother of 3 young children who found strength and faith after escaping a violently abusive marriage of 7 years.  She fought five horrifying years in court to free herself and her children while balancing a career and raising her children without any support from their father.  By embracing an organic and healthy lifestyle, Christina overcame her addiction and fears in hopes of regaining the power she lost from years of abuse.  With her journey leading to a beautifully-powerful life, Christina has been recognized throughout the health and fitness industry and now has a significant social media following.  Witness Christina share her story as she fulfills her life's purpose to help others who seek healing, empowerment, and ascension.

Reiki Healing and Spiritual Life

Christina Ann

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Along with being a world-class dance instructor, Sohaila has developed programs that empower women through the art of movement and self-awareness.

With her Sense-ual Woman program, Sohaila strives to build self-confidence and a strong sense of empowerment in all women. She has created a fun, in-depth online course teaching women how to access the power within themselves by using their five sacred senses and ancient belly dance movements. Sohaila’s mission is to “Give every woman ownership of her self and make her truly feel beautiful – body, mind, and soul!”

The Art of Movement & Self-Awareness

Sohaila Handelsman

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Suki Leung is a recognized authority and practitioner in the beauty profession. Besides completing a series of guides for estheticians, Suki now delivers seminars on microblading to an international audience.

Plasma Lift Non Surgical


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Charlice is a fun-loving, easy-going, entrepreneur that has a passion for natural health and wellness and inspiring others to empower themselves to live life to its fullest!

Her quest for alternative medicines and a holistic lifestyle started four years ago.  She found the ideal products, people, and resources to help and positively impact others on their journey. Charlice says, “the most rewarding thing I can do in life is to encourage others to achieve financial independence and holistic wellbeing.” She enjoys educating and creating a community of like-minded people that value a holistic and toxin-free approach to their lives.

Holistic Practices 

Charlice Arnold

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Jamie has a broad background in Biology and Human Anatomy. Her work began in 2007 when she relocated from Nebraska to Amealco, Mexico. Jamie studied indigenous practices and processes of holistic medicine and organic farming in a small village. With that, Jamie also learned about the benefits of different herbs and their medicinal uses.  She recently returned to the US and is now sharing her learned practices to help friends and acquaintances.

Jaime co-founded Entire--a company focused on coaching others on adopting healthy eating habits, active lifestyle, and pain relief alternatives.

Background in Biology and Human Anatomy

Jamie Becker

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While sipping on mimosas, be you and mingle with like-minded beautiful souls. We are merging the beauty and holistic communities to share knowledge, learn, and network. There will be a spread of food, unlimited mimosas, wine, and of course a hydration station--aka water. 

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Christina’s story is one of adversity since the age of 14.  She was introduced to drugs by a family member.  For the next 20 years, Christina masked her pain of depression, struggled with suicidal ideations, and suffered from ongoing mental abuse.  Unsurprisingly, she turned to drugs to numb the pain.  Homeless, in and out of recovery institutions, there was no way out.  Against all the odds, she gained control and took back her power; she found her faith in God.  She then discovered her passion for helping women with low self-esteem, heading in the same path as she did, with skincare and makeup.  She found Mary Kay and loved the sisterhood empowerment environment and learned beauty is more than the outer appearance.  With every woman she reached, she saw the confidence return with just a dab of skin creams & makeup application, making the women feel beautiful. Today Christina has helped hundreds of women take ownership of their beauty and confidence and will continue in her mission.

MakeUp & Products

Christina Rapolla

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The high-purity Atomy products with a unique technique, extracting the active ingredient from cleanly grown raw herb & natural ingredients.

All-natural" Beauty, Health and Household Products

Tess Laurel


Frances Crespo is a 25 year Navy Veteran and CEO of the Full Cup based out of Virginia Beach, a high-end full-service European-Style bra fitting salon.  Her achievements and leadership skills granted her the opportunity to serve as a special assistant to one of the Navy's top 3-star female admiral.  She had the privilege of serving 10 years as a support component.  Her passion includes social entrepreneurship and support to women veterans. Frances comes ready to spice up the room and show us we can "feel beautiful underneath."

 The Effects of Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Frances Crespo

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Jaqueline started her professional career nine years ago as a stockbroker with one of the most prominent financial institutions in the US.  As her career advanced, so did the stress, lack of sleep, and random pain.  While trying different substances to ease these symptoms, she discovered CBD--a natural, non-harming, non-addictive substance that worked.

She found a new passion for helping others ease their pains and illnesses as well, in a natural and healthy way. That’s how she co-founded Entire:  Ease, Nourish, Treat, Invigorate and Educate, which is precisely their mission.

CBD Expert

Jaqueline Bernal

Bryche Abawi (Bri-sha) is the owner of SuiteBodies™ and founder of the 3-step InfraSCULPT™ program for body contouring and wellness. Bryche has been in the alternative health and wellness industry for 15 years. She was the second largest infrared Sauna manufacturer in the nation has successfully launched six body-contouring and wellness spas. Bryche’s passion for empowering women has lead to her unique approach in the body-contouring space by helping women define their bodies naturally. 

Body Contouring

Bryche Abawi

While sipping on mimosas, be you and mingle with like-minded beautiful souls. We are merging the beauty and holistic communities to share knowledge, learn, and network. There will be a spread of food, unlimited mimosas, wine, and of course a hydration station--aka water. 

Network, Mimosas, Food, Music


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